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GESY VS Private Healthcare

Nov 24, 2021 (0) comment

gesy vs private medical cyprus

 The choice between using GESY or private medical insurance is more than just a financial decision. Find out Why

 Comparing GESY and Private Insurance

 With the implementation of GESY why people should buy a Private Medical Insurance or even keep their exiting medical cover? With this article we want to help people understand the differences between the two.

During 2021 is estimated that people will spend between 100-120 million Euros for private medical insurance where GESY is Budgeted at Euro 1bln.

  1. Waiting Times

When you seek treatment or advice for a medical condition you must book an appointment with your GESY GP. Depending on the number of people registered under the particular GP practice, this can take up from 1 week to one month. Wait times vary with the GP, medical condition and availability of beds in public hospitals. In most cases everything is full. Using a private Insurance plan you have the choice of GP and hospital allowing you to get the medical treatment you need when you need it.

  1. Quality of Service

The quality of medical treatment itself should be the same both for GESY or Private healthcare but this is not always the case. Using a private medical insurance you are likely to have hotel-like facilities and services which may include private accommodation for you in case your child would need in patient treatment. In case you will use the GESY Network you may find yourself or your love ones in a mixed ward with shared bathrooms.

  1. Choice of Hospital, Treatment and Location

Private Insurance cover has the advantage of giving a choice of hospital and treatment and location (another country that your cover allows) that is convenient for you. With GESY on the other hand you have limited choices and waiting periods for seeing a specialist can be very lengthy.

  1. Treatment and Drugs

Due to the cost of some niche drugs GESY may not pay for them and brings substitutes. In order to access these drugs you may refer to private healthcare.

  1. Chronic and preexisting conditions

GESY will cover all chronic and preexisting conditions whether most private Insurance schemes will excluded them. Usually these conditions are covered through a group medical scheme or even a private medical scheme that will cover these conditions.

  1. The cost of Private healthcare

GESY provides free treatment to all residences across Cyprus. On the other hand to access private medical you must either finance your treatment from your own pocket or you can purchase a private insurance scheme that pays for your private care.

  1. Mixing GESY Treatment with Private Treatment

The private healthcare system should not been seen as a replacement to GESY but rather complimentary for several reasons.

  1. Accident and Emergency – GESY will not over A&E where private insurance plan will
  2. Chronic conditions- GESY will cover all chronic conditions where a private insurance will not unless a group medical scheme is in
  3. GESY offers priority to children and life threatening
  4. Certain drugs will not be offered through GESY and you can access them only though private

Using a private health insurance policy to fund your treatment will not affect GESY Healthcare you already have access to. It is our recommendation to use a combination of both. Our company can offer you a variety of options for private medical insurance tailor made to your needs.


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